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NaXum’s CEO Ben Dixon Explores International Expansion Strategy With Retired Top AMWAY Executive

Ben Dixon, who serves as CEO at NaXum, moderated the Direct Selling Executives Forum interview on international expansion strategy in direct sales. 

For the special interview, Ben invited Mark Biederweiden to speak. Mark served on the executive team at Amway for over 25 years and has since retired from the company. 

In this interview, we asked Mark the following questions:

1) One of the traps I run into often, is executives getting tunnel vision on short-term needs, and never getting long-term success. What have you seen?

2) You’ve said, “Following distributor behavior is not an expansion strategy”. Tell me more.

3) Most companies struggle when opening new markets. I’ve heard more horror stories about wasting un-Godly amounts of cash on bad country launches than any other part of the business. What does it take to expand into new markets well?

4) I’ve heard you say “Smaller organizations do not share urgency, professionalism, follow up that is necessary to be a long-term successful player.” What do you mean by the statement and what examples can we all learn from?

5) If you could go back in time 5-years and tell yourself “one-thing” that you know now, what insight would you share with yourself?

Highlights from the session:

“One of the things we saw after witnessing market openings was success in a holistic approach that had both the executive team and the field leader collaborating on the programs and training needed.” 
– Mark Biederweiden

“Rapid expansion into multiple markets with a cookie-cutter approach, where each market has its own sales director and team, creates the situation where 5 years down the line, you may have to restructure, to save costs and enjoy shared resources.” 
– Mark Biederweiden

“Think of Mary Kay in the 90’s where they had separate systems per state in the USA to operate their business. No shared resources. When you work on your expansion strategy, you want to learn and not make the mistake of expanding into markets without sharing resources.” 
– Ben Dixon

View the replay here:

About The Author:
Ben Dixon loves referral marketing. His family found direct sales back in 2006 and had success using technology to create home-based businesses. Since 2010, Ben has focused on serving referral marketing, party plan, mlm, and direct sales companies across the globe with the technology they require to empower their passionate fans to virally grow their businesses.

To see other episodes from the direct selling executives forum, visit the youtube channel.

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